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DLB Enterprises, LLC
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Job Safety

Safety on every jobsite is an essential part of the project. We believe that a safe work environment and productivity go hand-in-hand, and you can’t have one without the other. From simple sewer line installation, to complex demolition and land clearing, safety is the primary focus on every project.

Implementing safety procedures is a key element in project management, and reduces injuries and lost-time accidents. By setting an example at every jobsite, we believe the overall attitude is one of conscientious, safety-oriented procedures and operations. This leads to savings in time, project overruns, employee turnover and promotes a secure environment in which to work.

DLB encourages safety through:

• Regular Equipment Inspection

Close inspection of on-site equipment is a normal part of our workday. These inspections help detect any possible malfunctions in machinery, as well as ensure that all safety features, such as back-up alarms, are working property.

• Hazard Analysis

As a standard procedure in project management, we analyze each phase of the project to identify any possible safety issues. These issues, if any arise, are dealt with beforehand so as to not endanger the team or slow down the project.

• Safety Training

Up-to-date safety procedures and training sessions are an integral part of our continuing training. These efforts help keep safety on the forefront of every project and ensure that each team member makes safety a conscious part of their everyday work routine.

• Safety Team Manager

Our safety team manager is responsible for jobsite and employee safety compliance.
This includes new employee orientation, jobsite inspections, and adherence to company safety standards that require the use of general safety equipment such as glasses, hard hats, and earplugs.

• Safety United

We have teamed up with Safety United to perform all of our third party safety inspections, record keeping, safety training & certifications.  Safety United is not only helping to keep us safe, but together we are building a culture of safety.